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Tailwind Nutrition

imtbgear is an authorized dealer for Tailwind Nutrition!

The composition of Tailwind’s fuel matches what your gut is designed to absorb. Each 100-calorie scoop allows you to adjust your nutrition to meet your caloric needs. Use Tailwind Nutrition as your sole fuel source with the perfect ratio of calories, electrolytes and hydration. Tailwind Nutrition has a clean and light flavor that you won’t tire of, even after 12+ hours! It dissolves crystal clear and has no dyes, preservatives, or 4-syllable tongue twisters. We take the time to handwrite your name on the bag and write a personal handwritten note on your packing slip! Plus, we often throw extra goodies in your box before it ships! It’s our old fashioned way of saying thanks for choosing imtbgear!
Tailwind Nutrition... All you need. All day. Really.

If you are one of the many fans of Tailwind Nutrition, or if you are interested in Tailwind Nutrition, we have all the information you need and product availablity to you HERE.

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Tailwind Nutrition




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